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Gourmet Meal


Pricing can be very complex; there is no “one size fits all” pricing plan. Everything discussed is based off of averages until a consultation is done. The average price will depend on the amount of guests, if catering equipment will need to be rented (banquet style events) and how much food will be prepared.
Fees for Personal Chef Services and Private Events include the chef, food preparation and cook times, serving of the food and clean-up. Prices also do not include kitchen equipment needed for banquet style events (serving equipment, tableware, etc), additional staffing for large group events or groceries.
All groceries will be hand selected and purchased by the chef and brought to your home the day of the event for the cost of the food plus a gratuity of 20% of the grocery bill. This way you have complete control over the cost of the food, while the chef is responsible for the quality.
Depending on the amount of food items and complexity of the preparation we may require a second chef for parties of 10 or more. Much of this depends on the level of service, party arrangements, meal timing and complexity.
For specific menu questions, reservations, personal shopping service and event planning assistance please contact Chef Rachael today!

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