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Sweet Potato Breakfast Hash

This yields a lot.....sweet potatoes are massive. One sweet potato is usually enough for 3 portions. This recipe calls for 3 whole sweet potatoes because....go big or go home :)

3 Sweet potatoes, peeled, medium diced

16 oz Ground Chorizo

1 Small white or yellow onion, small diced

3 cups Fresh kale (using frozen is fine of course, but use 4 cups)

1 Cup chicken broth

2 or 3 Cloves of fresh garlic

1 or 2 Fresh Eggs Per Person

Queso Fresco




Red Onion/Green Onion/Cilantro to Taste (and for garnish)

Toss sweet potatoes in olive oil, salt and pepper and roast at 400 degrees until fork tender. Stir/flip once or twice so they dont burn.

Saute white/yellow onion on medium heat until translucent or lightly caramelized.

Add garlic and ground chorizo. Cook until done.

Add kale, stir.

Add chicken broth, deglaze pan. Cover so kale cooks down.

Mix in roasted sweet potatoes.

Saute 2 eggs sunny side up or over-easy, add to top of hash.

Garnish with some queso fresco, red onion, cilantro. Serve with some avacado toast.

Add sriracha on top for an extra kick :)

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